3 Tips When Choosing a guitar

What To Look for; To Buy The Best Acoustic Guitar

There are so many variables when buying a guitar that you should keep some basic things in mind…

…here are some things to look for when picking out a guitar.

This can be an overwhelming task, so this article should give you some incite and reassurance. Best beginner acoustic guitar

To start you need to choose between an acoustic or an electric. The acoustic guitar is the best choice…

…let me explain why. When you are starting out as a beginner guitar player it might seem that an electric guitar is easier to learn. But with having an acoustic guitar you have the advantage of not having to buy the amplifier as well as the guitar. Where as with an acoustic guitar you have it all.

It is best to start with the acoustic so you can learn proper technique and finger strengthening. With a good acoustic guitar you have to push down harder on the strings to get the notes. This allows you to get your fingers stronger faster. Which in tern allows them to become nimble to play fast and more precise. Which allows you to become a good guitar player quicker.  

Size does matter! When choosing your starter guitar there are some small guitars. They are 3/4 size guitars, and they have less frets on the fretboard. An analogy – it would be like playing half a piano. You want to be able to learn all the notes and the frets. So getting a full size guitar would be beneficial to the player.

Tip number three is; you want it to sound Great!

The sound has everything to do with the type of wood and the shape of the guitar.

You Don’t want your new guitar to sound like a cheap acoustic guitar.

The Dreadnought is the most common acoustic guitar shape there is and the reason for this is the sound that it resounds.

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